For our last major project, each student will create a Genius Hour Project.

This project will be a hands on research project on a technology topic of your choice. This should be a topic that you don't know very much about right now, but you would like to learn about. Maybe it is how to use a particular software program, create an app for a smart phone, or make an animated character. Maybe you want to know how to create a virtual world or build a computer. Whatever YOU want to do is what you will do for Genius Hour.

At the end of your project, you will produce a product. What that product is will be up to you. It might be a video, a research report, a computer program/app, a webpage, a presentation, a model, or anything to show me that you have accomplished your goal.

You will also keep a record of your learning journey on your personal wiki page. You should write on your wiki page each day what you accomplished during that day to meet your goals. You will be graded on your wiki page; this will be a completion grade.