Excel Quest Video

Final Review Packet Resources

Tuesday, May 24

Finish Photoshop projects/work on Final Review Packets

Monday, May 23

Finish Photoshop projects. Begin or continue working on Review Packets.

Wednesday, May 18

More Photoshop!
2nd: Hawaii
7-9th: Coloring

Tuesday, May 17

2nd: Baseball Head
6th: Packets
7th: Hawaii
8th and 9th: Pill Box Man

Monday, May 16

All periods except 6th will be working on Photoshop. Assignment depends on your class period.

Friday, May 13

It's Photoshop time! Login on Apple side.

Friday, May 6

Today is the last day for Gamestar Mechanic. You should finish the second project and play through Episode 4.

Tuesday, May 3

Continue with Gamestar Mechanic. You should finish the first project today. the order is:
Play Episodes 1 and 2
Elements of a Game Project
Episodes 3 and 4
Balanced Game Project
Episode 5
Create and playtest games

Monday, May 2

The Elements of a Game project in Gamestar Mechanic is due at the the end of class today. After you finish this you should continue with Episodes 3 and 4. After Episode 4 you should begin the second project.

Friday, April 29

Today continue with GameStar Mechanic. Use this link to login and continue.
Do not join the class again!! After you have finished Episodes 1 and 2, you should do the first project. Go to the "Workshop" tab and scroll down until you see projects. Start with the one called "Elements of Game Design". there are three tabs. On the third tab you will create your own game. when you are finished you will Submit to turn it in.

Thursday, April 28

Today we will start a unit on game design. Click here to access the website and sign up:

Monday, April 25

Continue working on Book Report Websites. For periods 6-9 these are due today. For period 2 these are due tomorrow. When you are finished, please copy and paste the link and send in an e-mail to me.

Wednesday, April 20

2nd/6th Finish Websites today! This is the LAST day to turn these in. E-mail me the link when you are finished.
7/8/9 Today you will read a short children's book and complete a book report research template. You will be creating a book report website for this book from the information you gather. You may use either Tackk or Wix to create this report. DO NOT begin creating on the internet until you have completed your research notes.

Friday, April 15

Continue working on Wix "Top 5" Website. 6-9th periods should finish this TODAY. 2nd period will have one additional day and finish this on Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 13

2nd period: Today we will begin our multi page website assignment. I will get you started. We will be using a website called Wix. See below for an example.
6-9th periods: Continue working on your "Top Five" website. This will be due on Friday.

Tuesday, April 12

2nd period: Finish animal websites using Tackk
6-9th periods: It's time to start the REALLY big website project. Pick up an assignment sheet from the table. For this website you will use Wix. You can get to the website from here:
You will need to have an account.
See an example here:

Monday, April 11

Everyone should be working an your animal website using Tackk. Here is an example of a completed website:
Your website should be neatly organized and informative about your animal. It should contain all of the items that you researched. when you are finished, you need to PUBLISH your Tackk and send me the link.

Friday, April 8

1. CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!!! Do you have an e-mail saying I couldn't grade your work? Please SHARE that work and respond to my e-mail that you have done so. Look for an e-mail from Scratch also. You need to confirm your e-mail before you can share. Some of us have very low grades because you did NOT share your work so that I can grade it!
2. Continue working on Animal Website assignment. Today we will begin working in TACKK.

Monday, April 4

Today we will begin our unit on website design. We will watch a short video about graphic design and complete a written assignment about the 10 principles of website design. This is due today.

Friday, April 1

Today is NOT a free day---but it is a catch up day. You should have finished all of your SCRATCH projects (see below) and sent them to me.

Then you should do ANY SCRATCH tutorial and send it to me for your grade today. Most of them are pretty short so you should have no problem finishing a project.

This is the last day of SCRATCH! We will move on to our website design unit next week.

Thursday, March 31

Things you should have accomplished by the end of today:
1. Finish Lessons 1-4 and send me a link by e-mail.
2. Finish Lesson 5. This is a NEW project. Create a NEW file. Send me a link when you are finished.
3. Create your own Scratch Game! Send me a link when you are finished.

Monday, March 28

Continue working on your Scratch Lessons. Most classes should be up to Lesson 5. 2nd period--you should finish up to Lesson 4 by the end of today. Please send me a link to your project by e-mail when you are finished. You must Share your project first before you do this.

Monday, March 21
Today we will start working with SCRATCH to create an animated character. You will need to go to this website
and Join Scratch. We will walk through the beginning of the first lesson together.

Tuesday, March 8

Friday is the end of the grading period! Do you have missing work? Today is your final day to get that completed. We will have a catch-up day today. If you have finished all week you may use your phone or do work for other classes. No games on the computer today for ANYONE. Come to computer club today after school if you want to play games.

Monday, March 7

Complete your "A versus B" PowerPoint presentation. Drop it in the folder named "Battle". When you are finished you need to see if you are missing work. the end of the grading period is Friday.

Friday, March 4

Today we will create a Powerpoint presentation that includes sound effects. The theme of this presentation will be "A versus B". I have given you a folder in the Pick Up folders containing some pictures. Pick two pictures! You presentation would be a story about a battle between these two pictures. Who would win? Why? Look at the sample presentation below for an example. Your presentation should include SOUND EFFECTS. The presentation should run by itself.

Thursday, March 3

Go to the Pick Up folder and find the file called "Nursery Rhymes1". It is in the folder called Sound Editing. We will be doing a class exercise with this file.

Monday, February 29

Today we will Peer Review 4 presentations. You will not review your own class. I will explain how to do this.
Period 2:
Period 6:
Period 7:
Period 8:
Period 9:

Friday, February 26

This is the LAST day to complete your Country Project-they are due in the drop folder at the end of class. Please turn in your notes sheet to the box.

Thursday, February 25

Country projects are due tomorrow! Work hard! when you are finished, turn your project into the drop folder and your notes packet into the box.

Wednesday, February 24

Continue working on your country project. These are due Friday.

Tuesday, February 23

Continue Country Project.

Friday, February 19

Today we will start our first major PowerPoint project using the skills we have learned this week. You will need to pick a country to research. Each student will have a DIFFERENT country. You will pick in order of the number you were given when you came in today. Have at least three choices in mind in case your top choice has already been taken.

Thursday, February 18

Today we are going to play PowerPoint Musical Chairs! Please wait for me to tell you what to do. We will do this as a class.

Wednesday, February 17

We will continue working on PowerPoint basic skills today.
Today your assignment is pp. 308, 310, 312 in your book. At the end of today your assignment should be turned in to the drop folder. The file is called "Reinforced Product Branding"

Tuesday, February 16

Today we will introduce PowerPoint as a group and then work through some assignments in our book. The assignments will begin on p. 299. Today you should try to get through p. 307. There will be a vocabulary quiz tomorrow! Pay attention to the vocabulary terms in blue!

Friday, February 12

Today is a catch up day! You need to get anything finished that you have not turned in INCLUDING the crossword puzzle. some of you are missing LOTS of work. Next Tuesday is the end of the 3 week grading period. Everything past due must be in by then to be counted. GET YOUR WORK DONE!

Thursday, February 11

Today is the day to get your crossword puzzle complete in Excel. When you are finished you should print two copies--one blank, one with the solution, staple them together, and turn them in. If you finish with your assignment then you earn a free day/catch up day tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 10

Today we will start our LAST Excel assignment! You will create a crossword puzzle using vocabulary terms we have learned in this unit. If you have this finished by the end of class tomorrow, you will receive a FREE DAY on Friday to work on past due work or just chill!

Tuesday, February 9

Excel Quest is due TODAY!! I found a couple of errors yesterday that I need to correct. So if you are in 2nd or 6th period I will tell you the changes. Almost done with Excel!!!

Monday, February 8

Continue working on Excel Quest! Yes--some of it is hard! See if you can do it without asking me. Use the hints!

Thursday and Friday, February 4-5

Today you will complete the Excel Quest! First, watch this video:
Then, download this workbook and begin:

If you FINISH the Excel Quest, you may work on creating your own crossword puzzle OR creating a drawing in Excel. The substitute has the worksheets. You may also work on past due work. NO GAMES!!!!

Wednesday, February 3

Today you should write and print your Car Data Report. This is due TODAY at the end of the class period turned in to the box.

Tuesday, February 2

Today you will use your Car Data to create some charts and then write a summary of your findings. Pick up the assignment sheets from the table.

Monday, February 1

1. Today we are going to count cars! Yes-we are really going outside to collect some data about the cars in the teacher parking lot. You will need a data collection sheet. Share a data collection sheet and a clipboard with your table partner. If you do not have a table partner you will work by yourself.
You are going to collect three pieces of data about each car: color, model, and the first letter of the license plate.
2. Your next step is to input this data into an Excel Workbook. The workbook has already been set up for you. EACH PERSON WILL CREATE THEIR OWN WORKBOOK. Here is a copy (it is also in the pick up folder):

Tomorrow we will ANALYZE the data and come to some conclusions about the cars in our parking lot.

Friday, January 29

This is the final day to work on the projects! Do good work and get these completed!

Thursday, January 28

1. Continue working on projects. Most of us should be up to Birthday Party by now. This will be due TOMORROW. It's a major grade and has 3 spreadsheets AND a chart! Do good work!
2. Are you finished with all of your projects? The next thing to work on is to test the Excel logic games. Look for the file below.

Wednesday, January 27

1. Check your grade! Are you missing work? GET IT TURNED IN! Do a late ticket for any missing work if you turn it in.
2. Continue working on projects.
3. If you are COMPLETELY DONE with all of the projects play the Excel logic games--the link is below. NO other games!!

Tuesday, January 26

Only 8th and 9th period meet today.
Continue working on projects. Do you have missing work? This is a good day to catch up on that as well.
Finished with everything you say? Try one of these Excel puzzles. No--they are not games. They are logic puzzles.

Monday, January 25

Continue with your projects.

Friday, January 22

Today is the end of a grading period for progress reports. Today is a catch up day! These are the assignments from this week you should have turned in by the end of today:
1. Toys R Us (in the drop folder) MAJOR GRADE
2. Fruit Stand (print this out)
3. NBA Stats (except Period 2-this will be due Monday for you)

Remember to check your grades for missing assignments and catch up on those as well:
1. Mario Picture(drop)
2. Your Picture Instructions(written)
3. NHL Standings(drop)
4. Excel Project #1(drop)
5. Excel Formula Practice(periods 2,8)written
6. M & M Math (Periods 6,7,9)(drop)

Thursday, January 21

1. Finish Toys R Us
2. Create a simple chart--Fruit Stand Assignment
3. Averaging Assignment-NBA Stats

Wednesday, January 20

Absolutely positively THE LAST DAY we are going to work on Toys R Us--get this FINISHED! This is a major grade--do a good job and check the rubric to make sure you have formatted everything correctly. If you are FINISHED, then there is a new project on the table involving creating a simple bar chart.

Tuesday, January 19

Continue your Toys R Us Shopping Spree Assignment. Remember the goal is get as close to possible to $1,000 without going over. Set up all of your formulas before you shop! It will make things so much easier! This is due TODAY.

Friday, January 15

What a wonderful day for shopping and creating a spreadsheet! Continue your assignment from yesterday. REMEMBER THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE FORMULAS in Columns E, F, and G and for the Grand Total--you will loose 60 points if you have no formulas!!!! READ the directions!!

Thursday, January 14

Today we will begin the Toys R Us Shopping Spree project! This will be due at the end of class tomorrow. We will discuss this as a class and then you are on your own.

Wednesday, January 13

1. This is the last day to turn in Excel Project 1. Turn it in to the drop folder. I have noticed that some of us are going to the back page and just copying the information and typing it in. This isn't the correct way to do this. You need to READ and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. You will receive a 50 if I don't see the formulas.
2. Excel Formula Practice Assignment. You don't need your computers for this. Please log out (Class Periods 2,6,8)
3. Finish M&M math Investigation (Periods 7 and 9)

Tuesday, January 12

1. Finish Excel 1 Project. This is due today. Turn in to the drop folder.
2. Start M & Ms Math Investigation Project. You will need a fun size bag of M & M's and a worksheet (Class Periods 7 and 9 only)

Monday, January 11

1. We'll do a quick lesson as a class to learn a few more math formulas in Excel.
2. Start Excel Project #1-worksheet is on the table.

Friday, January 8

1. Quick lesson on entering data in Excel. Use the handout from the table. We will begin this as a class and then you are on your own. Turn this in to the drop folder "NHL Standings"
2. Finish anything from this week that you have not completed. At the end of today you should have turned in your:
-Picture file (Mario) to the drop folder
-Instructions for your secret picture WITH YOUR E-MAIL written across the top.
-"Hockey Stats" assignment

Thursday, January 7

1. Create your own picture in Excel. It should have at least three colors. It can be simple, or hard--but don't make it SO HARD that someone can't do it in one class period. Save it in your H Drive folder.
2. Write the directions for someone else to create that picture on a piece of notebook paper. Don't tell what the picture is! It needs to be written in the same format as the instructions for the secret picture.
3. Put your e-mail address on the top of the paper--NOT YOUR NAME.
4. When everyone is finished, I will trade the papers with the instructions and give them to a different class period. Whoever completes your picture will e-mail it to you to be checked!

Wednesday, January 6

Finish your picture that you began yesterday. This should be dropped in the drop folder called "Picture".
Next assignment: Create your own picture in Excel. Write the directions for someone else to create that picture on a piece of notebook paper. Don't tell what the picture is! It needs to be written in the same format as the instructions for the secret picture. You need to use at least three different colors in your picture. Can you do it? When you are finished, we will trade instructions and someone else will create your picture.

Tuesday, January 5

New year, new semester, new unit! for this next unit we will be learning to use Microsoft Excel. We will start by exploring the screen, tabs, and commands as a class like we did with Microsoft Word. Then we will learn to do a few things together as a class before we work on a fun assignment to create a surprise picture in Excel.

Tuesday-Friday December 15-18

Final Exams. Your Newspaper Project is due at the end of your final exam period. PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY FOR HOW TO TURN IN.

Monday, December 14

Today we will begin our final project. You should have a project hand out and the story you will type. This project will be due at the end of your final exam period.

Friday, December 11

Today we will see how well you understood coding concepts. With a partner, you will write our own "sample" programs for a card game using loops and conditional statements. You will then play your card game! THIS IS NOT ON A COMPUTER. At the end of the class period, each team will turn in their written program and score sheet. We will also have a short quiz.

Tuesday, December 8

Ready, Set, Go! it's Hour of Code Week!

Monday, December 7

Finish your blog post! This is the FINAL DAY we will work on these. Remember that you need to e-mail me your blog post when it is finished.
If you have finihsed your blog post, we will be doing HOUR OF CODE all week! Go to to begin

Thursday/Friday, December 3/4

Pick an online newspaper for any city in the United States of your choice.
Tell me the masthead information of the newspaper (title, volume, date, city, state, etc.) Add a link to that newspaper to your blog post. Create a blog post addressing ONE of the following topics:
1. Do you feel that an online or paper version is more interesting to read? Explain your reasons using at least three examples. Use at least three of the vocabulary terms that we learned yesterday. Include a graphic of this newspaper.
2. Pick a story that interests you. Read the story and answer the following:
-In your opinion, why is the story "newsworthy"?
-Who wrote the story (byline)?
-What can you find out about the person who wrote the story (research)?
-Who created the graphics for the story(photo credits)?
-How does the graphic add to the story?
-What can you find out about this person or source(research)?
3. Examine the website of this newspaper. Compare and contrast this website with a paper copy of a newspaper (I have samples). Remember when you compare and contrast that you should explain both the similarities and the differences. Use at least four vocabulary terms we learned yesterday. Include graphics.

When you are finished, please e-mail me the link to the blog. This is due at the end of class on Friday.

Wednesday, December 2

Use the Quizlet here to learn vocabulary terms for parts of a newspaper. You will have 20 minutes to do the Quizlet.
Label each vocabulary term on the sample front page you are given.

Tuesday, December 1

Only Periods 2 and 6 meet today. Use as a catch up day.

Monday, November 30

All classes in Rm. 106 or library today to watch History of Printing Video.

Tuesday, November 24

It's Google Day! Who will have the fastest Google fingers? Be crowned the Google Champion of your class period by being the first person done with the assignment.

Monday, November 23

Today will be a catch up day. You should be completing your business letter or your flyer.

Friday, November 20

Create a floor plan of the class room to be used as a seating chart. Remember to include the tables in the middle of the room! Use shapes in Microsoft Word to create this.

Thursday, November 19

Continue working on business card assignment pp. 14-18 in the green and white book. All business card assignments are due today. You must show me your assignment for a grade.

Wednesday, November 18

Today all class periods will work on a project from the project book to create business cards. You do not need the internet. The project begins on Page 14.

Tuesday, November 17

2nd period: Work on business letters.
All others: Work on Flyer assignment (see attachment below). The flyer is due tomorrow at the end of class.

Monday, November 16

2nd period-We will go over the parts of a business letter and begin typing our letter to a company.
All others: Finish company letters. I will demonstrate how to create an envelope. We will print and turn in letters and envelopes today.
When you are finished, begin this assignment to create a flyer:

Friday, November 13

Continue working on assignments. Today is the last day of the grading period for progress reports. Are all of your assignments turned in? This should be your top priority today. Remember to do a late ticket for any work you are turning in late.

Thursday, November 12

2nd period: Today we will work on an assignment called "A Day at Spring Woods" to show how to add tables and art to our documents.

All other periods: We will begin to learn to format a letter. You will need the file "Thomas Turkey Letter" from the pick up folder and we will do an exercise as a class.

You will then begin to write a complimentary letter to a business. Your assignment will be to write a letter to a business that makes a snack that you enjoy. We will mail these letters when they are finished so do your best job! You will need to bring 50 cents to cover the cost of the stamp.

Wednesday, November 11

2nd period: Today we will do an exercise as a class to learn about inserting smart art and shapes.
All other periods: Continue working on your A Day at Spring Woods assignment. It is due today.

Tuesday, November 10

2nd period-All calendars are due today. Please raise your hand and have me check it before you print.
6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th periods: Today we will create a graphic organizer to show the feeder schools to Spring Woods Middle School. We will do this as a class.

Monday, November 9

2nd period: Continue working on calendar project
All other periods: Today we will do an exercise as a class to learn about inserting shapes and smart art.

Friday, November 6

Work on the calendar project. All Calendars should be printed and hung on the wall in place of your Internet poster. Do not print until I have CHECKED your work and given you the okay.
Calendars are due TODAY in Periods 6,7,8 and 9 and on MONDAY in Period 2.

Thursday, November 5

2nd Period-Practice Exercise as a class. You will need the file Aquarius from the pick up folder.
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th--Today we will work on the Calendar project.

Wednesday, November 4

2nd, 6th, and 7th period-Home Ribbon worksheet from the table. This is due today. Open Word and use this to help you.
8th and 9th period- We will step through Word Practice #1 to make sure we are all on the same page as far as skills. You will need the file from the pick up folder called Aquarius. We will do this as a class. Then you will begin the Calendar project which will introduce you to working with tables. You will work on this independently.

Tuesday, November 3

2nd period--See yesterday. If you were an 8th grader who was here yesterday, then you are my assistants today. I will assign you a small group to be responsible for. The first small group that finishes and turns in their assignment to the drop folder will receive a prize. If EVERYONE in the class finishes and successfully turns in the assignment then the class will earn 10 minutes of free time tomorrow at the start of class.

All others--open MS Word and use it to complete the worksheet on the table. There are two pages. If EVERYONE turns in the assignment then tomorrow you will be allowed to listen to music when you are working on a project.

Monday, November 2

Today we will take a break from working on book lessons. You will need a file from the Pick Up folder called "Command Match". Save it to your Student (H) folder with the correct name (look at your green card). Complete this assignment using the Word Ribbons to help you. You will drag the correct icon to the ribbon where it is located.
After you complete this I will demonstrate how to turn in an assignment electronically to the Drop folder.

If you finish early, continue with Unit D and Unit E. When you finish Unit E, turn it in to the Drop Folder.

Thursday, October 29

Continue working on Unit D. At the end of Unit D, you should print a file and turn it in. If you have done this correctly and followed all of the steps, it will have your name on it.
If you finish Unit D, begin Unit E. At the end of Unit E, you are asked to print a file. DO NOT PRINT. You will turn this in to the drop folder. I will demonstrate how to do this.

Wednesday, October 28

Begin working on Unit D, p. 75 in your book. You will work up to p. 92. Pay attention because at the end of p. 92 you will be asked to print the document you have been working on which should have your NAME on it. Turn this in to the box after you have printed for a grade. It should look exactly like figure D-23 on p. 93. Work slowly and carefully--do not skip steps.
If you are super fast and finish Unit D, begin working on Unit E. At the end of Unit E, you are asked to print a document. DO NOT PRINT--YOU WILL SAVE THIS TO THE DROP FOLDER.
2ND PERIOD ONLY-We will walk through an exercise as a class.

Tuesday, October 27

Everyone except for 2nd period will begin working with our textbook and Microsoft software today. Your first assignment is to begin working through the Unit B lessons that start on p.30 and continue to p.43. You will need your flash drive. Before we begin, I will walk you through how to use this textbook and some important differences in our software that you will need to know. If you complete Unit B, your next task will be Unit D. It begins on p.75.

2nd period will receive one extra day to complete the biography project due to the fire drill yesterday.

Monday, October 26

This will be the final day to complete the biography project. Tomorrow we will start working with Microsoft software installed on our computer, beginning with learning to set up a file system. If you do not already have your flash drive, you will need it tomorrow.

Friday, October 23

Continue working on your biography project. Note that this will not be included in this grading period so your PRIORITY is to get any missing work completed.

Thursday, October 22

Today you will work independently to watch a biography documentary of a famous entrepreneur in the Information Technology field. All of these individuals had ideas that lead to very successful companies. You should record 10 facts about the individual(s) you choose, the complete a project to creatively present those facts. This will be due at the end of class tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21

Today we will complete the College Scavenger Hunt. Some classes started this yesterday and some did not. You will need a worksheet.

Here is your next assignment if you finish early:

Tuesday, October 20

Today we will watch a Power Point and discuss high school graduation requirements and how to apply to college. After we finish the Power Point we will take this quiz:
If there is time, begin the College Scavenger Hunt assignment using this website to research a Texas college or university of your choice:

Monday, October 19

Today you will discover how much money you need to earn to live the lifestyle that you desire. We will use the website: to create a liveable budget. You should e-mail me your budget by the end of class. Make sure your name and class period are in the comments.

Friday, October 16

IF you have finished all your work and have not missing assignments AND you have finished your typing log, this is your FREE DAY.
IF you have missing assignments this is a day to catch up on them. This is also a day to work on your typing log. This is due NEXT FRIDAY for a major grade, plus when you finish you earn a free day.

Thursday, October 15

Today you should finish your Career Poster. Remember it needs to be e-mailed to me. Follow the directions for Share and choose online, then e-mail.

Wednesday, October 14

Today we will begin our Information Technology Career project. You will create an online DIGITAL poster explaining the Top 5 reasons to pursue this career and the Top 5 things you need to do to prepare for this career.
Here is the assignment;

When your poster is complete, you will share it with me by e-mail.
DO NOT start this assignment until you have completed your research sheet from yesterday.
Here is a sample of a completed project:
Top 5

Tuesday, October 13

Today we will begin researching careers in the Information Technology field. You will need a note taking organizer from the table. We will have a short presentation as a class and then you will research on your own. Take good notes as you will need to use these for a project we will be doing next.

Friday, October 9

Today we are going to learn about the following; computer viruses, malware, adware, and phishing. These are all types of software that can make your computer run slowly or shut down completely.
First, watch the short video here:
Then work on the Quizlet here:
Last, take the Malware Quiz at:

Thursday, October 8

Today we are going to assume the role of an IT professional and write procedures to solve common computer problems we may experience in this class. I will explain how to do this to the class and show a sample solution. You will need notebook paper and a pencil.

Wednesday, October 7

Today we will do some more Binary Code practice. On Monday we discovered how you write numbers. You can also write letters! Pick up two worksheets from the table. Learn to write your name in binary code and translate a famous quotation. This is due at the end of class.

Tuesday, October 6

It is Typing Tuesday! Pick up a Typing Lesson Log from the table and begin working on the Typing Lessons in . This is not a free day. There are 30 lessons--you will start at 1 and work your way through. When you have finished ALL 30 lessons you will earn a FREE DAY! Yes, A FREE DAY! But you have to complete all 30 lessons to earn this.

Monday, October 5

Today we are going to use BrainPOP to learn about Binary Coding. You will need to go to this website: and use headphones to watch the video.
You will need to create an account for BrainPop if you don't already have one and join a class. The class codes are:

Period 2:clayton215
Period 6:clayton615
Period 7:clayton715
Period 8:clayton815
Period 9:clayton915

You should watch the video, do the activity (USE THE PRINTED COPY), and read the story. After you have done all of this you should take the quiz. E-mail your quiz results to me.

Friday, October 2

Finish Programs 1 and 2 from yesterday. Remember you must show me that your programs run for a grade.
After you have finished Programs 1 and 2 you may work on additional programming lessons. Another website you might try is You may also work on any missing work. This is a catch up day. This is NOT a free day. You must do one of the activities listed above.

Thursday, October 1

Today we will learn about programming languages. You will need to go to this website:
Complete the introduction, Programs 1 and 2. For your grade, you must show me that your programs run.

Wednesday, September 30

Today we will talk a little more about the functions of software and do a software exercise as a class. You will need to work with your table partner. You will need a piece of notebook paper and something to write with. You can only have one partner. Find a partner and wait for instructions.

Tuesday, September 29

Today we are starting a new unit-SOFTWARE. Today we will read an article and complete the software vocabulary exercise. Do you know I didn't have this posted on time and it wasn't caught until EIGHTH PERIOD? You will need an article from the table to read and this worksheet:

Monday, September 28

1. Today you will need a piece of notebook paper and something to write with. I will demonstrate how to set up your paper.
2. We will watch a short video as a class that talks a little more about copyright.
3. After we watch the video, we will do a writing exercise.
4. If time permits, we will start a blog post with the topic "Copyright" or "Trademark". Your blog post should include a definition,a picture representing the topic, and a situation you might find at school where you would need to understand the topic.

Friday, September 25

1. We will go over the correct answers to the copyright worksheet
2. Link to the copyright quiz
Thursday, September 24
1. Finish your blog post project if you did not already do so.
2. Complete your copyright worksheet if you didn't finish it yesterday.
3. Review the Quizlet assigned yesterday.
4. Double check and make sure your internet picture has FOUR sticky notes on it. If you are missing some, go back through our warm ups and make sure your internet picture is complete. I am getting ready to grade them over the weekend.

Tuesday AND Wednesday, September 22 and 23

Today you will watch a podcast and complete a worksheet. If you do not finish the worksheet Tuesday you will have time Wednesday. You should get up to at least question 10 on Tuesday.

Link to the podcast for TUESDAY:

Link to the podcast for WEDNESDAY


When you are finished with the worksheet, you should work on the Copyright Quizlet. Here is the link:


Complete your blog post project TODAY. Make sure you send me the link via e-mail. Otherwise you won't get credit for the project!

Friday, September 18

Today we will learn about the topic of Internet Safety. First you will need to watch the videos here: and
for some important rules you should follow.
Then it's time for your first major grade project! Pick up an assignment sheet from the table or look at it here:

Thursday, September 17

2nd and 6th periods-We will learn to follow other people's blogs and post comments.

7th, 8th, and 9th periods-We will learn how to evaluate a website for credibility. I will give a short presentation and then you will pick one of the websites from the list below to research. You will need a worksheet from the table.

Wednesday, September 16

It's a blogging day! If you are in 2nd and 6th periods you will create your blog. If you are in 7th, 8th, and 9th period you will learn how to follow other writer's blogs and post comments.

Tuesday, September 15

2nd/6th periods-Today we will compose and send Professional E-Mails to teachers.
7th, 8th, and 9th periods-Today we will create a blog to be used for writing practice throughout the year.

Monday, September 14

2nd Period/6th Period-Today we will take and upload some photographs. Pick up the assignment sheet from the table.


Today we will learn to compose and send a professional e-mail. You will need to access your school e-mail account in Google.

Friday, September 11

1. The first order of business is to finish the camera handouts from yesterday. You will have 10 minutes to do that.
2. We will spend a few minutes going over the correct answers. There will be a quiz next week and you can use your notes. Make sure they are accurate!
3. Some class periods will use the cameras to take some photographs today and learn to upload them. Some others will do this on Monday if behavior improves today. If you are one of the Monday classes your assignment today is to find your Networking quiz grade in your e-mail. Some of us did not do very well on this quiz. Please complete test corrections on a piece of notebook paper and turn in for a higher grade. Write the full question and the CORRECT answer. Use the Quizlet from Wednesday to help you!

Thursday, September 10

Part of being an IT professional is learning how to use computer PERIPHERALS and to read product specifications and manuals accurately. Today we will learn about digital cameras that are EXTERNAL to the PC. Pick up handouts from the table. Here are copies:

The website you will use is I will show you how to navigate to the product specifications.

Wednesday, September 9

It's Quizlet Wednesday! Today's Quizlet will cover the networking vocabulary we have been discussing in this unit. Go to it here: and begin completing the activities, starting with the flash cards.

Tuesday, September 8

2ND PERIOD ONLY-Please finish your Venn diagram from last week FIRST before you move on. It should be in your folder.

All other periods:
1. Read the tutorial at This will also help with some of the networking concepts we learned last week.

2. Watch the video about how the internet works at

3. Draw a diagram of the internet including labels. Use at least 5 vocabulary terms from our Networking Vocabulary Worksheet. Be creative! when you are finished, hang the picture on the wall above your computer.

4. If you finish, practice typing at

Friday, September 4

Today we will do some small group discussions at my table. I will call you up by groups. While I am talking to groups, you need to accomplish finishing your work from this week if you have not already done so. Here is a list of what you should have turned in:
1. Venn Diagram
2. Complete the Types of Computers Quizlet
3. Taken the Types of Computers Quiz (check your e-mail for the score)
4. Networking Vocabulary (anything you didn't get, look up on Google)

ONLY if you have finished all of these things, move on to the next lesson.

Next Lesson:

1. Read the tutorial at this will also help with some of the networking concepts we learned yesterday.

2. Watch the video about how the internet works at

3. Draw a picture of the internet including labels. Use at least 5 vocabulary terms.

Thursday, September 3

Today we will introduce Computer Networking. We will do this activity as a class. You will need a vocabulary worksheet from the table.

Wednesday, September 2

Today we will review Types of Computers by using Quizlet. Go to the Quizlet here:
You must do the flash cards first. Work through all of the activities. Use headphones.

Tuesday, September 1

Today you will create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two different kinds of computers. You may work with a partner or you may work by yourself. You will need something to write with and a Venn Diagram worksheet from the table. I will get everyone started so wait for my instructions.

Monday, August 31

Today we will learn about different types of computers. Go to this tutorial Computer Basics and complete the worksheet on the table. After you have finished that, got the article at and list the 10 types of Computers on your worksheet. You should know the differences in each.

Friday, August 28

2. Begin practicing keyboarding. Go to this website:
Practice number 26 for 5 minutes. Do not play the games. GO to the tab that says Test
3. As a group we will take our first typing assessment. This will just see where you are starting from and help me know how to set your goals. I will tell you when to start.
4. Begin thinking about what you would like to work on for your Independent Project. Take out a piece of paper and a pencil and write down ideas. Keep this in your class folder.
If there is time, we will begin our pretest:
PIT Prestest
      • Take this quiz:
Computer Equipment Quiz

Thursday, August 27

Pick up an assignment sheet from the table. We will discuss this for a few minutes before you begin. You will work on this individually but you may discuss this with your partner in order to complete it. The assignment sheet is also attached below.
Computer Equipment

Wednesday, August 26

Today we will discuss computer lab rules and procedures and learn to login to the computers.

Tuesday, August 25

Today we will talk about what we will learn in this class.If your class period already finished this yesterday, we will learn a little about our classmates and Mrs. Clayton.

Monday, August 24

Today we will learn a little bit about school wide procedures and expectations and also what we will be learning in this course.